Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since Dylan is an October baby, Halloween was his first holiday.

Our Halloween pumpkins this year reflected our newly expanded family, with Daddy, Mommy, and baby pumpkins. (As opposed to the ridiculously old Halloween pumpkin family pics still up at http://richandlorien.org/ -- we ought to change that...)

The Daddy pumpkin was big enough (30#) and Dylan is small enough (~7#), that we were able to subject Dylan to the minor indignity of some in-pumpkin photography. He took it in stride. (Better than the passport photo sessions.) We got some nice ones out of it, and the cute pumpkin hat helped.

At night, after lighting our pumpkins, we dressed Dylan in his pumpkin shirt (thanks Alice and Matt!) and took him out for a tiny bit of trick or treating. Mostly it was just showing him off to the nearby neighbors. In light of Lorien's central role for Dylan's food supply, she got to keep the candy collected.

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Grandmama said...

Awww. What sweet pumpkins!