Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today was a big day in our kitchen.  Dylan distinguished himself by being legitimately helpful while cooking dinner.  Without any assistance from me, he peeled the cucumbers for gazpacho, and squeezed lemons for lemonade.

Lyra, who has turned out to be a terrific eater, gave what I'm pretty sure was the sign for "more".  She was fussing on the floor while I was preparing dinner, so I asked her if she wanted to taste the pesto I was making. I dipped some bread in the pesto and handed it to her.  She had a little taste on her tongue, wasn't sure for a moment, then decided she was on board.  She ate up the whole piece of bread, then tapped her fingers together.  I said, "do you want more?" and she looked at me expectantly.  I gave her another, and then some of the cheese I was grating, and we went through the "more" sign several more times.

We're way behind on pictures, so here are a couple as teasers:

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Two feet tall

Various grandparents have complained that we haven't been keeping up with the monthly baby updates the way we did with Dylan.  Well, Lyra has cleared the fourth trimester, and is now a happy, bouncing baby girl.

A few weeks back, she had her 4-month well check and measured in at 24 1/4", and 12 lb 6oz.  This puts her at about the middle percentile for height but only 10th for weight, which is surprising given her chubby little arms and legs.  She's also 80th percentile for head circumference, so overall, she takes after Dylan.

Here's our little girl the day after her 4 month birthday.