Thursday, April 28, 2011

Success with solids!!

Dylan refuses to let us feed him.  He grabs the spoon away from us as soon as it's near his face and then plays with it.  So our solution has been to buy some soft silicone baby spoons and let him practice with them without any food.  After about a week of this, he's actually getting okay at putting the business end in his mouth. We've been dipping the spoon in food, and letting him have it, then once he's gotten most of the food off, we deliver a second spoon with food, and take the first spoon away while he's distracted.

So, this week, we've had some decent success at feeding him mango pureed in yogurt, oatmeal, and cream of wheat. Today, he had what seems to be his favorite food so far.  What was it?  Hummus, of course, like a good Jewish baby (possibly in honor of Larry and Galit's upcoming wedding in Israel).

Here's Dylan post-cream of wheat:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Science

We took Dylan to participate in another experiment at UC Berkeley.  They were comparing the spatial skills of walkers and crawlers to pre-crawlers.  Since Dylan was in the control group, this experiment wasn't as exciting. For example, they wanted to see if he would look when they pointed at a picture, but he just stared at the pretty grad student talking to him. Still, necessary work in the name of science:

6 months old

I'm a little late to post, but on April 13, Dylan turned a half-year old. He had his six-month wellness appointment, and he weighed in at 14lb10oz (5th %ile), was 26" tall (25th %ile) and his head circumference was 45 3/4 cm (97th %ile).  The doctor was not concerned that all his calories seem to be going to grow his head, since he's very active.

Here's our big headed baby showing off his sitting skillz:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's the tooth!

I was wondering why little Mister Congeniality had morphed into little Mister Crankypants over the last week. I assumed it was a growth spurt. We figured he wouldn't cut his fist tooth until approximately 1 year, like I did. However, lo and behold, there's the first little chomper peeking up in the front right-hand spot on his bottom jaw. I'll miss my little guy's toothless smile.

By the way, if anyone posts "you can't handle the tooth", or similar, in the comments, I will unfriend you on Facebook.