Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend activities

Rich and I finally took advantage of our birthday present from David last year, which was a gift card giving us access to a menu of "experiences" in the San Francisco area.

Rich took a flying trapeze lesson at the San Francisco circus school. Here's a little video of flying Rich. Now he want to take lessons.

I chose to do the archery lesson for two, so I took Alice to the Archery Range in Golden Gate Park near the ocean. Our instructor, Ed, was very thorough and methodical in teaching us, so we had pretty good success hitting the target from distances up to about 30 feet. We both also hit the bullseye a few times.

Archery is a good sport for pregnant women, since it only requires the arms and shoulders. Highly recommended, especially since flying trapeze was out. Rich points out that flying trapeze results in every muscle being sore the next day (or 3), as well as some fancy bruising behind the knees.

Here's a posed shot by the target before getting started.

And here's an action shot as we're both preparing to take a shot.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Pie Time

This past weekend we went on a pilgrammage with some friends to Swanton Berry Farms U-pick fields between Santa Cruz and Pescadero. The ollalieberry season was just starting, and the strawberries were in full swing. Rich comprimised his all-ollallieberry pie dreams because they weren't sweet enough and baked a strawberry-ollallieberry pie which may have been his best pie ever. However, it was a pie for eating, not photographing.

Here's Rich and friends with our haul at the berry farm.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Just for fun...

...here's a belly shot from Kathryn and Gil's wedding last weekend, when I was 21 weeks along.

Ok, I'm telling the internet

Sorry for the long time no blog. Rich has been posting his 140 character or less thoughts on Facebook, but Facebook sucks and I've got news that I don't want to tell Facebook:
We're cautiously but happily expecting a new member of the family on or near 10/10/10.

Here are some of our 20-week ultrasound pics.

Oh, and it would appear that our first child will be a masculine child (to quote Don Corleone).