Thursday, June 09, 2011

More cuties

Our mom's group had originally planned a bbq get together at Tilden in May, but decided to postpone it until June so that we knew there would be no chance of rain, and the ground would have dried out. However, this weekend hosted an epic downpour, which was apparently "5 standard deviations outside the mean weather pattern," according to one of the dads in the group. Adding further insult, after we made the call to cancel due to several days of heavy rain, there ended up being a window of no rain after all during the planned event. Grrr....

We went ahead with a get together, but at our house. Mojitos and cupcakes (baked by Rich) and babies were all in abundance.

You can see the entire set on flickr here, but here are some of our favorite photos:

Our living room becomes a play area.

Gaby and Dylan

Like Samson, Dylan's copious hair is his one weakness