Monday, November 14, 2011

Dylan's second Halloween

I can't believe we're into seconds now!  We carved the pumpkins into shape sorters for Dylan to play with.

 Dylan was a monkey (costume courtesy of Grandmama and Grandpa), and entertained the local trick-or-treaters by butt-scooting around on the sidewalk outside. 
You can find more pictures in our Dylan Y 1 Q 1 photoset.

13 month stats

We had to reschedule Dylan's 1-yr wellness appointment a couple of time, and it ended up getting pushed out until today, when Dylan is actually 13 months. He weighed in at 20 lb 8 oz, was 30.25 inches long and has a head circumference of 48.5 cm.

By the way, Dylan's birthday party pictures are up on Flickr here. There are many babies in pumpkins, like so:
 And here's Dylan trying his first cupcake.  After all our angst that he was going to abandon healthy food and go on an all sugar diet given his first taste, his reaction was more "meh".

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kicking it Toronto-style

Dylan and I took a little mini-break to Toronto to visit the family last week.  We had visions of crisp fall days and bright sunshine (or at least I did), but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. However, we did get some breaks in the rain and got outside to make the most of them.  Here's some pics, courtesy of Grandpa Fono.
Dylan learns to climb stairs

Dylan and Mommy and Riverdale Farm in downtown T.O. (probably our favourite stop on this trip)
Dylan learning about "fall"
3 generations
Goats are just like big cats
Dylan and Grandmama on the teeter totter at Sherborne Commons in the Toronto portlands

Men in plaid at the Don Valley bike and pedestrian path
OMG fall colours!!
Dylan and Grandmama at Huntington Park near the house
And we managed to get a group shot of the whole family, minus Rich who was languishing in California sunshine, and Grandpa George, the photographer.