Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Head Dylan

Dylan had his "1 month" doctor's appointment today, although it was actually on the 5 week anniversary of his birth. As we suspected, our previous concerns about weight gain are no longer an issue. Dylan has zoomed way past his birth weight and now tops the scales at 8lb. 8oz. Apparently his birth weight was only in the 7th percentile (which seems a bit surprising to me -- I thought the high 6's was fairly typical, and it's what both Lorien and I were), but now he's up to the 14th percentile. His length is somewhere in the low 30s percentile. But his head size is right around the 50th percentile. So basically we have a skinny, somewhat short baby, with an otherwise big head.


Dorothy said...

My what big beautiful eyes you have, Dylan!

Grandmom Dorothy

Unknown said...

Way to go Dylan. Smart boy, you've got the hang of it. An almost 24% weight increase in 5 weeks (and actually even more if you consider the original weight loss).

Grandpop Eli

tg said...

Well, you two adoring parents must be doing something right to get that kind of weight gain!

Grandmama Judy

Jeff L. said...

I certainly expected your child to have a big brain!