Saturday, March 01, 2014

Happy Chemoversary

Two years ago today I was in the hospital, starting chemotherapy.

Things are looking much brighter now.

I realized I haven't blogged in quite some time, but it's really a reflection of how much life has returned to normal.  While I won't say exactly that it's not always somehow in the back of my mind, recovering from cancer just isn't something that dominates my thoughts on a day to basis.

Things in general are going well, although I'm still not 100% recovered from a brief bout with the flu a few weeks back.  But I won't complain too much.  Not compared to last winter, when I ended up in the hospital.  Twice.

I decided the start of chemo was the right point at which to start marking time, even if xkcd somewhat disagrees.  With my type of cancer, they consider you "cured" after 5 years, and the start of treatment is when they start counting.  But I'd like to think that I'm way more than 40% of the way there, due to the nature of the survival curves.  Basically, the longer you make it, the better your odds are.  So, having made it 2 years so far, I've optimistic.

I'm way behind on pictures, and really need to devote some time to working through my backlog and getting them up online.  I will leave you with this one utterly adorable picture of Dylan at preschool, that some of you may have already seen from Facebook.
Dylan holding court at preschool with his entourage of older women. [photo courtesy of Gay Austin staff]

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Judy said...

Wishing you many, many anniversaries ahead! Along the way it looks as if Dylan will mount an active charm campaign.