Monday, September 13, 2010

36 weeks - Sausalito

My birthday present from Rich this year was a massage at a prenatal massage spa in Sausalito. We had meant to make an afternoon of it, but it was unusually chilly over there, so we returned to Berkeley for gelato. We went to the new place in Epicurious Garden, "Lush", that replaced the old mediocre Chao Bella. Rich is now telling anyone who will listen that Lush has the best gelato he's ever had ("they have two kinds of vanilla!!").

Anyway, here's a 36 week belly shot.

Oh, and this being Berkeley, on the way to get the gelato, we passed a shrine to the late mountain lion.


TM said...

Lookin' good, kid!

BTW, is the gelato better than the ones on College Street at Dolce?

About the mountain lion: what a sad event. :-(

Dorothy said...

You are looking great as usual. What a wonderful birthday present!