Sunday, June 09, 2013

Now back to your regularly scheduled Dylan update - 2.5 years

Before Rich got cancer, we were mainly using this blog to update on all the brilliant things Dylan was doing.  Rich will continue to update on his progress, but here's the somewhat late Dylan report, after his 30 month checkup, which really didn't happen until 31.5 months.

Mr. D is 30 lbs (49th %ile) and 37 inches (72 %ile), so this Jewish mother can officially stop worrying about him being tiny and undernourished.  He's loving going to his music class and gym class this spring, and will be starting preschool in September at a place 2 blocks from our house.  I've really appreciated having a nanny during the difficult times we've had over the past 1-2 years, but I think it's time that Dylan start spending his days with other kids (and hopefully learning to share better). He's got a handful of good friends he sees semi-regularly, but he should really enjoy seeing the same group of kids on a daily basis.

Here's a video from last week at Rich's office, where Dylan and I visited right after gym class. Also, some recent pics.  They're from my camera phone and therefore not up to our usual high standards ;)

Daddy handing Dylan a baby chick at the Farmer's Market last weekend

Going for a lighter 'do for the summer time

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Laura Fromm said...

I love Dylan's rendition of Frere Jacques! Have a fabulous time in Costa Rica! I'm curious to see how you both like the zip-lining. Steve and Matt loved it.