Saturday, January 05, 2013

I guess sometimes wishes come true

I'm going home today. Yay.

Really not that much to report.  Nothing positive from any of the cultures, but it's too early for final results on many of them.  No news from the bone marrow biopsy yet.  Fever is still gone.  I'm feeling better, but still not great.  Congestion, stuffiness in the head, sore throat -- but it's all in the manageable zone.  I'll continue the diflucan (anti-fungal) once I get out of here, but oral instead of IV.

Anyway, I'm kinda hungry to eat some breakfast.  I've discovered the minimal breakfast that they can't screw up too horribly, and it's the same thing I order every day -- 1 hard boiled egg, and 1 bagel and cream cheese.  I'm starting to get a little sick of it, but not as sick of it as I am of the one lunch/dinner item that I keep ordering which is the same damn crappy tuna sandwich.  That was the item that we discovered at the end of Lorien's extended stay when Dylan was born just sucked, and that was a complement, b/c everything else was inedible.  I've probably ingested way too much mercury during this stay.  Oh well, focus on the short term problems....

But I digress, and breakfast awaits.  Hopefully my next post will be from home.

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Vive said...

Glad you're getting out of there! I mean, how much tuna can one guy eat?